1. Makini Howell’s Smoky Mac Recipe is being shared online for free! If you haven’t already purchased her new cookbook Plum: Gratifying Vegan Dishes from Seattle’s Plum Bistro.


  2. Vegan at Bumbershoot

    Heading to Bumbershoot, Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival at the Seattle Center this Labor Day weekend? Wondering what you’re going to eat? Well before you pack your backpack full of vegan snacks (which you’re allowed to do) maybe check out a list that I’ve compiled for you as well as the lovely folks over at Bumbershoot.

    Bumbershoot’s Food and Drink listThey have clearly marked this list with a [V] for Vegan options and [GF] for Gluten-free options.

    I’ve minimized it here for you, cutting out all the non-vegan options.

     99 Potatoes – Burgers, sweet potato fries, curly fries [V, GF] – Mural Roadway

    ◦ Ballard Brothers – Salmon, salads, burgers, fries [V] – Next 50 Plaza

    ◦ Big City Burritos – Veggie and meat burritos [V, GF] – Fisher Rooftop

     Kaleenka – Russian piroshky [V, GF] – Mural Roadway

     La Jitana – Lebanese chicken, lamb, falafel [V, GF] – Bagley Roadway

     Pel’Meni – Russian-style dumplings [V] – Fisher Green

    I have personally eaten at Big City Burrito more times than I can count. It is 7$ for an all veggie burrito, 1$ to add guacamole and if you ask for it to be vegan they will give you extra of everything else to compensate for the cheese and sour cream. They don’t have a storefront so the only time you can enjoy their ‘extra big’ burritos is at a festival!

    There are other options listed on the Bumbershoot Food and Drink list that are vegetarian or some you could easily veganize like for example;

     Corn Roasters – Roasted corn – Mural Roadway

    Just order it without butter!

    You might want to consider that these places were probably contacted by Bumbershoot asking if they have vegan or gluten free options and they choose not to take the time to consider. So although some of the other items on the list have veggie options, they may or may not be vegan, so watch out! Support the stands that understand what veganism is and who want your business, follow that [V]!

    Perhaps you are new to Seattle, visiting, or just not up to date on what places are available within walking distance of the Seattle Center. Plus some times you need a break from Bumbershoot and leaving to sit down at a restaurant can be the perfect break from the festival and the crowd.

    So here are some places near by for you to consider:

    Plum Market; Located right inside the Armory (formally the center house) the food court at the Seattle Center. Plum Market is an all vegan establishment owned by the same owners of Plum Bistro on Capital Hill. Offering prepared salads, pasta and veggies, build your own sandwiches and panini’s, fresh juices, and baked goods.

    Bamboo Gardens: Located at 364 Roy St just a block out of the Seattle Center about a 5-minute walk (.3 miles from the international fountain, which is basically the center of the Seattle Center). Bamboo Gardens is a 99% vegan establishment, the sign says vegetarian but really everything on the menu is vegan, except the fortune cookie. I’d recommend this over everything else; go get yourself some delicious vegan Chinese cuisine. Plus you don’t have to eat the cookie, to read the fortune!

    Veggie Grill: Located at 446 Terry Ave N not extremely close but if you are down for about a 20 min walk (1 mile from fountain). Veggie Grill is an all vegan chain restaurant offering soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches and desserts.

    Bang Bang Café: located at 2460 Western Ave in Belltown is probably the equal distance it would take to walk to Veggie Grill but in the opposite direction. Bang Bang serves meat but has a selection of vegan food.

    5 point Café: Located at 415 Cedar St about a 10 minute walk (.4 miles from the fountain). The 5 Point serves meat but has a few vegan options, known for their breakfast curry tofu scramble ‘no huevos’ rancheros, as well as having soyrizo and vegan bacon available to accommodate the traditional menu items and last but not least they offer vegan pie by the slice! 

    Zeeks Pizza: located just across the street from the 5 point café, it’s not a vegan pizza place but they do have a veggie pizza called the tree hugger that you can get without cheese. Dine in or get it to go and you and your friends could split a pizza in the grass while continuing to listen to your favorite bands.

    Also if you just need a snack and want to hit a grocery store Metropolitan Market is right on Mercer St out side of the Seattle Center. QFC is also on Mercer and you’re about a mile away from a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market. Get creative with your Bumbershoot appetite! 

    Let me also offer some words of wisdom for you all. The beer garden is expensive, so leaving to have a drink at a restaurant is often cheaper. Also you might like to take note that entering bumbershoot they do not search your bag, but they will when you enter the main stage, so put those reusable water bottles to use! I would not recommend going to the grocery store to get a drink, there are bike cops with nothing better to do but patrol the perimeter of Bumbershoot, so whatever you do, do it with caution!

    And if you don’t want to take my advice take it from the Dalai Lama and his Instructions for Life;

    "Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly”

    Happy Bumbershoot Seattle! Be kind to your fellow Bumbershooters, everyone is there to have a good time! 

    vdb- brit


  3. A Squrriel World…

    …just tryna get a nut.


  4. Phad Ka Prau at Jhan Jay in Wallingford. The Phad Ka Prau features: onions, garlic, bell peppers, mushrooms, green beans and chili stir-fried with sweet basil.

    Jhan Jay
    1718 N 45th St, Wallingford, 98103


  5. Violet Sweet Shoppe Bakery


    On my first trip to Violet Sweet Shoppe Bakery I was treated to one of their specials for the month of July it was a Milkshake made with vegan hemp milk Full Tilt ice cream along with some delicious chunks of peanut butter and chocolate. I am normally not a fan of these two flavors together but this was an amazing Milkshake.

    Their main offering at the Sweet Shoppe are special order cakes but they also feature a few other baked goods ready for purchase like their chocolate chip cookies which are huge and a pretty decent sweet bread selection as well. They’ve created a pumpkin bread, lemon bread, and a strawberry lemon bread which was the perfect balance of sweet to tart. It was pleasantly moist but held together really well, the strawberry flavor was fresh along with the lemon which was not over powering at all if anything it played the back well to help highlight the strawberry flavor. I was very excited once I took my first bite.image

    They also feature some pretty cool gifts to grab for someone if you are visiting from far away and don’t want a melted cake in your car or figure out how to ship a dozen cookies from Seattle to Texas, you can send your loved one a nice box of tea or get them one of their aprons. Point is, stop by the Violet Sweet Shoppe on NE 45th you are sure to find something you will like.image




  6. Zeeks is a local grown pizza establishment that has been slinging pies for over 15 years but at one point they were having trouble finding just one location because of another Seattle based company called Starbucks was getting all the good retail spots. There isn’t a Zeeks on every corner just yet, but the 10 locations they have are spread out through the north, east and western parts of Washington. The closest one to me is located in North Queen Anne near the Space Needle and it’s always busy in the afternoon, something about that spinning Z is a guaranteed tourist attraction and the pizza isn’t bad either. Majority of the menu is NOT vegan but the one item you really want when you call a pizza place is a.. pizza and one of them can be made vegan, the Tree Hugger. Loaded with: black olives, dried tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, artichoke, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes and I added jalapeños. The Zeeks crust reminds me of Pizza Hut crust, but way better. Their crust is nice and crispy on the bottom with a thick hearty support system for the toppings on this pizza. It’s definitely a pricey pie no matter what size but its pretty legit that the entire pizza is covered in vegetation and it’s a local business, so support right. I recommend the Tree Hugger if you happen to make it to Zeeks, just remember to say NO CHEESE PLEASE!


  7. Milo!


  8. So… This Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Pie from Chaco Canyon and Vanilla Soy Ice Cream from Trader Joe’s may have been my 6AM breakfast. No regrets.

    If you want to follow in my steps and go balls to the wall for breakfast stop by Chaco Canyon before the end of June because once July hits they will switch out the dessert specials.



  9. Prasad (NW Portland Pearl District)

    The word Prasad is meant to be an offering of food in Hinduism that is handed to a Deity then it is blessed by them before it is handed out for all of the worshipers to eat. The traditional cooking of the Prasad is never tasted before it is handed to a deity because the food is not meant for them to eat at this point it is for their God. Though traditional in name the cooks at Prasad are definitely trying things before sending out a plate, which is a good idea considering they have been in the old location of Blossimg Lotus since 2010 continuing the theme of a modern restaurant inside a yoga studio (Yoga Pearl) to help you nourish both your appetite and soul which are not to far separated.


    ^(Retail Area of Yoga Pearl)^

    It seems based on the name and the atmosphere the owners of Prasad would have to believe in the meaning and are trying to stay true to it. On their menu the offerings are all vegan (a few drinks feature local honey) the dishes and drinks are made with whole foods featuring no heavily processed items on the menu, they have a great selection of grain bowls, salads, a couple wraps and a quenching selection of smoothies and other wellness drinks.



    The most popular item during our group breakfast were the scramble bowls that they offered. A very hearty meal of whole grains topped with well seasoned vegetables and plant based proteins like tempeh or black and pinto beans.image

    ^(Chipotle Tempeh Scramble)^


    ^(Grasshopper Smoothie)^

    Prasad gains you access to a healthy drink before yoga practice, a replenishing meal afterwards, or there is always the option of just coming in to eat, drink, relax and let the food naturally begin a healing process on your body while you reward yourself with something you won’t regret later.


  10. People’s Food Co-Op

    3029 SE 21st Ave  Portland, OR 97202