1. Not grill worthy, but a skillets BF!
    Boil your beans.
    Boil your rice.
    Chop you peppers and shred carrot.
    Make them any size you want.

    use non-canned ingredients for the best results

    1. Boil your black/garbanzo beans (separately. after overnight soaking)
    2. Boil your rice
    3. Roast your peppers
    4. Shred some carrots and chopped the roasted peppers finely
    5. Make a liquid slurry of soy sauce (or water) with spices of your choice
    6. -let cooked ingredients cool-
    7. Add them to your food processor
    8. Pulse the mixture until it is coarse but mushy to form (add liquid as needed)
    9. Make any size patties you want
    10. COOK THEM!

    They freeze well. Just put them in a skillet with a little oil then add 1/2 a tsp of water for steam to speed up the cooking. Let one side brown then flip. They aren’t quite grill worthy but they cook up banger in a skillet.

    If you like the recipe, alter it, or have your own let me know I’d like to try it out.